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Phone numbers featured in commercials and print from 20 years ago are easily remembered when part of a jingle or the company name. You can probably think of a few old favorites right off the top of your head. Will your company phone number join the ranks? Find your perfect Vanity Number today!



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Let us search for you and get more options. Just tell us what you'd like to incorporate into your personalized vanity number and we'll find one you'll love. 

WHY CHOOSE US is a leading provider for vanity phone number services across the USA and Canada. We provide smart solutions and options to help you choose easy-to-remember phone numbers.


We are not a traditional phone company, but a specialized service provider that works in close liaison with every major phone company and wireless carrier across the USA. With an access to a database of millions of phone numbers, we can help you find the number you are looking for!


We sell phone numbers as well as a range of optional services. We can help you with everything from the process of transferring your new number to the carrier of your choice to tracking the number of calls with powerful reporting tools. For questions, special requests or ordering blocks of 100 numbers or more, simply Contact Us!

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